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Young Ladies of Distinction (YLD)

The Young Ladies of Distinction (YLD) is an affiliate program of the Daughters of Deborah geared towards girls from 6th-12th grade. The program is designed to foster personal growth and development by unlocking social and economic opportunities across three pivotal domains: Education and Training, Daily Life Experiences, and Career Aspirations. Ultimately, the goal of the YLD program is for young girls to become well-rounded, self-sufficient, and productive adults.

YLD Training Courses

Our commitment to holistic development is exemplified through curated Training Courses, strategically designed to support each participant in achieving their personal, educational, and professional aspirations.

Etiquette for empowerment

This course is designed to empower YLD participants in the area of social skills development through refined manners, polished conversation, and confident poise.

Participants will also explore ethical behaviors to navigate the modern landscape of technology with social media responsibly.

Course Highlight:
Walk, Talk, and Act Like a Lady (formal dining event)

Master Your Future: Confidence, Competition, and Healthy Relationships

This personal development course is designed to provide participants with practical tools to enhance self-esteem, navigate social interactions, and find one’s voice. Topics include healthy dating dynamics, emphasizing the importance of building strong, respectful relationships.

The course also covers teen dating violence prevention, equipping participants with knowledge and resources to stay safe and empowered.


Academic Excellence is a college preparatory course designed to guide participants through the essential steps of preparing for and transitioning to college.  The course emphasizes skills and knowledge needed for successful college applications, including selecting the right fit for their academic and personal goals.

Participants will explore various aspects of the college admissions process, gain insights into crafting compelling applications, and receive valuable guidance on navigating the transition to college life.

The course aims to empower young girls with the tools and confidence needed to embark on their higher education journey. 


This course is designed to introduce principles of sound financial management and empower participants to make informed decisions about their money and future financial well-being.

Participants will acquire essential skills in budgeting, creating a savings strategy, and building a solid credit foundation.

Course Topics Include:

  • How Money Works
  • The Value of Money
  • Money and Banking Essentials
  • Saving and Investing
  • Wealth Building 
  • Credit Basics
  • Education and Earning Power
  • Financial Technology
  • Financial Literacy